Sunday, 7 January 2018

3 most expensive Hublot watches

Hublot has been in the watchmaking business since ’76 and it has been maintaining its quality ever since. It is a luxury watch brand but it is well worth it since the designs on each of the Hublot watches that have been produced thus far, have all been unique and stand out from the crowd of the usual watch designs. While Hublot watches are already pretty expensive, these 3 Hublot watches are the most expensive ones from the bunch.

1.    The Hublot

This watch is the most expensive watch that has been designed and manufactured in the entire world because it is not an ordinary watch with a few extra features. This watch is literally entirely made using actual diamonds and considering how rare diamonds already are, it will be impossible for any other watchmaking company to be able to produce a watch that is more expensive than this one by Hublot. The price of this watch is set at an unbelievable value of 5 million US dollars and this watch required 1200 diamonds on it in order to complete the production. Not just that, but the amount of time and effort that was put into producing this watch is incredible; it took a total of 17 people and a time of more than one year just to complete producing a single piece of this watch.

2.    Bang- Caviar Black

Even though this watch is pretty expensive, but it has a huge drop in price compared to the Hublot watch mentioned above, which is priced at $5 million. The Black Caviar watch from the Bang collection by Hublot is another one of the quite pricey Hublot watches valued at a $1 million. The number of diamonds used to make this watch will blow your mind; a total of 544 which are positioned at the dial and case of the watch and a few on the clasp. There are no numbers on the dial of this watch but the design of the dial is quite artistic and different than anything else that has been done before.

3.   Limited Edition Big Bang tourbillon

This is another gorgeous design by Hublot priced at a mind-blowing value of $290,000. The case and bezel of this watch are completely covered by beautifully cut diamonds in different designs which adds the perfect amount of dimension to this watch. The dial of the watch has a lot of features. There are no numbers for hourly markings but rather three subdials. One subdial display 60 seconds while the other displays 30 seconds. The tourbillon on the watch is positioned at the six o clock mark. The chronograph features of the watch are controllable by a bright right push button right above the crown of the watch.

 These are the top 3 most expensive watches that have ever been manufactured by Hublot and considering the resources that are available at hand; this is as high up as any watch company can go when it comes to producing extremely luxurious watches.

Top 3 Excalibur watch designs by Roger Dubuis

While the majority of Roger Dubuis’ watches gravitate towards a more elegant and simple design, the company has their fair share of sporty watches amidst the collection of watches it has. The collection which includes more of the masculine, sporty designs of Roger Dubuis watches is the Excalibur collection. Listed below are the top three Excalibur Roger Dubuis watches.

1.    Aventador S

This gorgeous watch has a combination of black and yellow. The strap of the watch is made from a black rubber material with a bright yellow stitching detailing on the strap. the crown of the watch has a black centre while the base is yellow. As the name suggests, this watch is made in collaboration with Lamborghini and is a limited edition watch with just 88 pieces of it available. The dial of this watch is similar to a skeleton design dial. It has 3 watch hands, the second's hand is bright yellow while the minute and hour hands are greyish black with bright yellow luminescent detailing on the tip of the hands. This watch offers a 40-hour power reserve feature and 312 components were used to manufacture this watch.

2.    Quatuor chrome cobalt micro melt

This watch is one of the most futuristic Roger Dubuis watches which uses an RD101 Quartuor. The purpose of this mechanism is that the gravity adjustment mechanism which a regular tourbillon uses takes around at least 1 minute to come into effect. With the Quartuor feature in this watch, the 4 balances with springs within this watch nullify the effects of gravity on the watch mechanism instantly.

The best part about this watch is that Robert Dubuis is the only watchmaking company in the whole world which has been able to successfully implement such a complicated mechanism into its watches. Along with the mechanism of this watch, the design is equally futuristic. With a bright blue alligator skin leather strap with a denim design on it and red thread detailing, this watch will surely be turning heads in your direction. The watch case is made from a chrome-cobalt micro melt material and is a limited edition design of just 8 pieces.

The dial has a lot of details within it. The 3-hour, 6-hour, 9-hour and 12-hour marks have a silver design on a background of bright blue while the outline of the dial is a bright red colour. The watch dial is an open design, in the sense that the inside mechanism is visible from everywhere except the centre. This partial skeletal design makes the four spring balances visible through the watch dial and makes this watch look as if it was designed way ahead of its time. The centre of the watch has the actual dial with the watch hands in silver with red detailing on the tips. The hourly markings are bright right on a bright blue shiny steel background which makes the red look even more vibrant.

3.    Knights of the round table

This watch has an artistic design within the dial. A rose watch case fitted with black alligator skin leather strap intensifies the look of this watch. This watch design is inspired by the legend of King Arthur. The dial is a black jade with gorgeous detailed engravings that depict Old England designs. The hourly markings are 12 sculpted knights who are aiming their swords to the centre of the dial.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

History of Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner is one of the most popular Rolex watches, even to this day because of the features it has to offer and for its sophisticated design which makes it stand out even more. Being a water-resistant watch, most people would have the perception that the design on the Rolex Submariner would be quite bulky and would not be wearable on a day to day basis. However, Rolex exceeded all expectations with their design on the Rolex Submariner.
Not only that, this watch has quite a notable history attached to it, which adds to the speciality of the watch. The idea for this watch came up in the 1950s by the director of Rolex at the time who was a diver, but not a professional one. So, on his request, the company started working on an exclusive watch for divers which could resist water to a great depth. However, when the watch was completed and given a test run, the company astonished itself by the depth of which the Rolex Submariner survived, a remarkable depth of 10,335 feet.
The year this Rolex Submariner was released, a documentary was released about the Mediterranean Sea and the man behind this successful documentary was seen wearing the newly released Rolex Submariner watch during the entirety of the film. While the watch gained some popularity after its official launch in the 1950s, the real obsession with this watch stirred up in the 1960s due to its appearance in several 007 movies with Sean Connery who was one of the fan favourite actors who played James Bond.
Over the years, Rolex made little tweaks here and there to the Submariner watches just as an improvement in design and not a lot on the actual mechanism of the watch. Luminous watch hands were one of the later added features which made it easier for the divers to see the time while they were in the deep waters. Another addition was the use of sapphire glass on the watch which made it more durable in most situations.
The addition of the Cyclops glass over the date was quite a helpful feature which was added by Rolex to their newer watches. The cyclops lens basically magnified the date feature so it was more clearly visible and came in quite handy for scuba or professional divers.
Throughout the previous years of the collection of Rolex Submariner watches, most of them were the same monotonous design and colour so all the watches basically looked the same. However, in the recent years, Rolex has added a bit of colour to the newer designs on the Submariner watches. Watches with yellow gold exterior were added to the collection with several pops of colour for the dial.
But the most innovative change to the watches was made at the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Submariner. This was when Rolex started using a very tough, corrosion resistant stainless steel material for their watch exteriors, the 904L. That was a huge change as Rolex is the only brand which can actually afford to use this stainless steel material in their watches.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Best watches with the Day-Date feature

There are several high-end watch brands which make amazing watches, however, some of them are a little too simple and do not have a lot of features. Due to this reason, for most people, paying such a high price for a basic watch seems quite difficult to justify. So if you are looking for a good watch which has the perfect mix of both design and features, then here are few of the best watches.

1.    Raymond Weil Freelancer

This is quite an elegant and classy design by Raymond Weil. The watch bracelet is a silver colour with a matching silver case. The dial colour is jet black with a textured circle in the middle of the dial. There are seconds markings around the dial perimeter. The watch markings are silver lines and a date feature is displayed at the twelve o clock bar. The date feature is right on the six o clock mark. The watch has three, silver watch hands.

2.    Tudor Glamour

 Theis watch has a beautiful design and a colour combination that marries perfectly. The watch bracelet is a silver colour with a gold stripe going down the middle of the chain. The watch case is silver but has a gold ring around it for detail. The dial is a bronze-gold colour with diamonds as hourly markings. The date is displayed at the three-hour mark and the day is displayed at the twleve-hour mark. This placement of day and date feature is similar to the one on the Rolex Day-Date watches. The watch has three centered hands with the seconds hand being black in colour while the other two are gold.

3.    Rolex 228239

This Rolex Day-Date watch has a very clean and simple design on it. The watch bracelet is a stark silver colour which is made from a white gold material with a ridged bezel. The dial has a satin finish, textured silver colour with lines on it. The date on this watch is displayed at the right-hand side of the dial. The day of the week is displayed at the top of the watch above the Rolex logo. The Rolex Day-Date watches are one of the most favourite watches which have the day and date features on them.

4.    Rolex 118346

Another gorgeous design from the Rolex Day-Date watch collection has a platinum body which includes the chain watch bracelet and the case as well. The watch bezel, however, is diamonds encrusted. The stand out feature of this watch is the dial. The colour of the dial is an icy blue colour which gives off snowy winter vibes and is a very cool colour. The watch hands are platinum as well and are placed at the centre of the dial. The date feature at the three-hour mark has a Cyclops lens over it which magnifies the date. The hourly markings on the Rolex Day-Date are diamond encrusted and the day of the week feature is displayed at the top of the dial above the Rolex logo.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Top 4 Rolex Daytona Watches

The Rolex Daytona watches are one of the best collections by Rolex and have received a lot of positive feedback ever since the first Rolex Daytona was released in the early 1960s. Amongst the Rolex Daytona collection, there are a few distinctive pieces that stand out from the crowd.

1.      116508

This is a beautiful watch with a unique colour combination that sets it aside from the other watches in the Rolex Daytona collection. The watch bracelet is a true yellow gold colour with a matching coloured case and bezel. The bezel, however, has a tachymeter engraved on it with a maximum value of 400 units per hour. This tachymeter is basically helpful for the race car drivers who want to calculate the average speed. The watch has 3 crowns on the right-hand side. One is the usual crown which can be used for fixing the hours hand. The other 2 crowns are basically for the chronograph settings. The dial is a pearl finish deep purple colour with a duochrome shift to it. The watch markings are set with diamonds and it has 3 gold subdials within the primary dial.

2.      116505

An elegantly designed watch by Rolex, the colour combination on this watch is rose gold with white. The exterior body of the watch is rose gold with the dial being a white colour. There are three subdials within the primary dial which are rose gold hollow rings with rose gold hands. The chronograph buttons on the right-hand side of the watch case are designed to be extremely precise so that not a second is wasted in starting, stopping or resetting the chronograph feature within the watch.

3.      116515LN

This watch design from the Rolex Daytona collection has a black, smooth rubber strap and a rose gold case. The bezel is a shiny black colour with the tachymeter engrave on it in rose gold. The dial is rose gold and has three black subdials which display 30 minutes of an hour, 60 seconds of a minute and 12 hours of the day. These subdials can be activated using the chronograph buttons in the case above and below the crown of the watch. The best part about these chronograph buttons is that they are designed in such a way that if you are not using them, they can be screwed into the watch case and make the watch water resistant up to a depth of 100 metres. These details on the Rolex Daytona watches are what makes them one of the most popular watch collections by Rolex.

4.      116509

With a stark, white gold body, this watch is the epitome of beauty amongst the entire Rolex Daytona watches. The dial of this watch has a mother of pearl finish in silver and the hourly markings are set with diamonds. The standout feature on the watch is the calibre 4130 which has been designed and perfected by Rolex over a course of several years. It has been updated to be the most reliable and precise movements to be used in watches.